History and Mission

Following the initiative of an entrepreneur formed in the previous experience of Communications and Marketing, the Real Estate Center Verona Verona began his career in 1999 and since its opening is located in Strabo S. Fermo, 7 .

The difficult choice of location for the headquarters was the result of a careful and targeted research aimed to provide an environment that might be cozy , qualified , professional and above all convenient location situated in the heart of Verona.

The Verona Central Real Estate , entirely family-run , 360-degree deals with everything related to real estate , both in terms of the sale that the leases .

The leasing sector in constant growth since the beginning tasks, can now count the complete management , third parties, about 140 apartments of various types .

The wide range of offerings in the portfolio currently includes the most interesting solutions such as residential apartments , properties of particular value, Cottages and farmhouses from the ancient taste , Villas and Cottages site in interesting positions as well as refined and exclusive Penthouses.


In the number of our operating methodology , a particularly appreciated , is to keep constantly updated and informed preview of our customers who are looking for original solutions , special or otherwise respond to the different needs and personal but always careful , however, to connect among them the uniqueness of the proposal.

With the addition of the Agency two young children, the eldest graduate surveyor and the child , a young doctor in Business Administration , the Verona Realty Central is a reality today in the prime of life and in continuous projection .

The project that with their help we're going to improve in the coming years will be to provide our customers with a service at the height of our best traditions , and constant monitoring of the territory in search of new places emerging special attention to the changing housing requirements imposed by the market and , last but not least, to recommend a purchase that is over time, it appears not only ideally suited , but also and above all , a good real estate investment.